About Us

Bell Infotech Systems (P) Ltd. is an Indian IT Sector Company. We provide customized software solutions, remote infrastructure management services, computer education consultancy and tech writing services.

BISPL was established at Lucknow (India), in the year 1997 for developing state of the art solutions for not yet tapped areas of operations and getting established as unique solution provider for various segments.  Our uniqueness gave us edge over others and made us popular in market. It helped us a lot in starting international operations.

At present, our operational reach extends over Indian geographical boundaries and covers many countries like USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand etc.

Our major strength lies in our experience and the ability to produce the best possible quality at very affordable price for every country.  This is the reason why our lists of satisfied national and international clients are long. 

We believe in long term relationships and provide more than satisfying experience to all our clients through our customer care value systems and software tools that are specially designed for this purpose.

We take edge over others because of our ability to remotely manage 24 x 7 operations all across the world from low operational cost locations, using most advanced remote support technologies.

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