BISPL is multi operations Company, continuously engaged in providing consultancy and solutions for wide range of IT enabled activities.

We serve as single window solution for wide variety of IT requirements. When you engage us, you don’t have to run around for your diversified IT needs. Our specialized teams take care of all of them in dedicated manner to cut down your operational cost and save you from the burden of dealing with many people of diversified nature and interest.

Our diversified areas of operations are:

IT Infrastructure Management:

We provide backup and restore services for large and medium sized organizations.

We also provide monitoring services for:

  • Backup and restore activities
  • Networks and their performance
  • IT setup and its environment
  • Availability and performance of resources

Software Solutions

We develop customized software solutions for client’s requirements.

  • We develop highly sophisticated artistic websites for either creating global presence or for providing services to the net visitors.
  • We also do website maintenance
  • We provide cloud based solutions for wide variety of requirements

Computer Education Consultancy

We provide:

  • Computer education consultancy for establishing computer education centers and running them as profitable venture.
  • Full consultancy and support for starting your own franchise network of computer education centers.

Computer education consultancy and support includes:

  • Guidelines for physical infrastructure establishment
  • Designing of most appropriate courses as per local requirements
  • Preparation of course material and lab assignments for practical sessions
  • Project guidelines for students
  • Manpower selection
  • Manpower training
  • Designing marketing schemes and promotional material for courses
  • Examination and certification
  • Pre placement training
  • Regular monitoring and control

Tech Writing

We have team of technical writers, who write IT related books, course material, technical manuals and articles.

Our tech writing services are not limited to in-house requirements but are available to outside world also.

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